Assiatou Diallo

Assiatou Diallo

Award Recipient

‘’My vision of entrepreneurship is to inspire others.”

Assiatou Diallo, the founder of TAAB Commercial Cleaning, has a story that inspires her clients and those who work for her. Her indomitable spirit and zest for life, combined with a true sense of giving back, represent the values she’s established for TAAB.

Born in the small West African country of Guinea, Assiatou endured many hardships growing up, including physical abuse. “Assi” knew it was up to her to survive, so she set out to secure a better life, one step at a time. At first, she worked in a gas station to support herself while going to school. After college, she worked for a company that provided water pumps to rural areas to access clean water.

Although being away from home was challenging for a young girl, it would be the first of several work and personal moves that would take her to Germany, France, Gambia, and eventually, Canada. During that time, Assiatou worked in everything from cosmetic and fragrance sales, to childcare and security services.

When she arrived in Montreal, Assiatou was expecting a child. She immediately became involved in volunteering and returned to school to study human resources at the well-known business school, HEC Montreal. Then she came to Toronto, fluent in French and German, but without a word of English. Back to school again at College Boreal, life was difficult.

She lived in a shelter (transitional housing) to keep a roof over her and her son’s head. During that time, she upgraded her skills at Woodgreen through the Boundless Possibilities for Women Program.

After two years, Assiatou was able to move out of the shelter and get her own apartment. Then she made plans for her new career. With the same enthusiasm and fighting spirit she’d always shown, in 2015, Assiatou founded TAAB Cleaning Inc.

In keeping with her own experience and belief in the positive empowerment of women, part of the business is a not-for-profit social enterprise that offers support services for the elderly and single mothers. Assiatou’s values also impact the way she operates TAAB. She is passionate about hiring cleaning staff who might not otherwise get a chance because of their language skills, or because they are new to the community. She sets up her employees for success through personal encouragement and training that ensures they meet quality criteria in a learning, supportive environment.

An entrepreneur, mother, avowed feminist and “giver,” Assiatou has actively participated in initiatives supporting those around her from a young age. She continues to be dedicated to helping others, empowering women, and staying involved in her community.

In 2018, she founded TAAB Community Care/ Pour Tous, a non-profit coop social enterprise formed after realization of the challenges and problems the senior population face in our community. Her vision is to help seniors and single mothers through community engagement live meaningful and purposeful lives.

In 2013, she was recognized by the YWCA for her success and delivered a keynote speech at the YWCA Women of Distinctions Awards, in recognition of her positivity and incredible perseverance.

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