Binta Goudiaby

Binta Goudiaby

Humanitarian Award Recipient

Binta Goudiaby is a Senegambian, Nollywood actress who has accomplished many things. She won Miss Ziginchor in 1998, winning Miss Wow Gambia also in 1998, and Runner-Up for Miss Senegal in 1998.

She is the beauty queen who emerged on the top among her fellow celebrities from the world famous and experienced Hollywood superstars, to Nollywood queen beauties, and from the unbeatable Bollywood goddesses to independent actresses. After these Miss contests, she worked as a model with some organizations and companies such as Darling, the hair company, before joining Nollywood movie industry in the USA, where she quickly won several awards, amongst which the 2011 Award of Nigerian Ministry of Culture and the 2011 Award of Nigerian High Commissioner in Ottawa an award of Nigerian Ministry of Culture.

She became the main judge of Miss Nigeria in Canada in 2011 and an award presenter in Nollywood & African of Film Critics’ Awards-(NAFCA Awards) in North Carolina during the same year.

In 2012 she received a NAFCA award for Best Actress of the Year in Nollywood amid the presence of 55 very famous contestants, An American Red Cross Award for her humanitarian work during the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, Crown of Peace in Casamance, Ambassador of Peace of SOS Casamance and an award from the governor of Ziginchor for efforts towards the development and peace. Back in her home country, she was awarded the Governor of Ziguinchor’s price for efforts towards development and peace in Casamance as well as being raised to the Crown of Peace in Casamance.

In 2013 she received a WMIFF (World Music and Independent Film Festival) nomination for the Best Supporting Actress in the DMV in a featured film called American Mama. Binta started a foundation called Dijbonkete that was created to empower women and children and to sharpen their knowledge in the medical field, to further their education and to help develop peace in Casamance.

In 2014 the Casamance Association of the DMV awarded her for years of distinguished leadership, valuable time, dedication, and outstanding and generous support to the programs and activities of the Casamance community in America, and in Senegal 2015 a part of the Senegalese Community in the United States and around the world awarded her with recognition for her work and involvement in promoting African women, Culture and Arts globally.

She won a Lanfa Awards in Los Angeles, In that same year she was awarded Ambassador of Peace of SOS Casamance NGO in Paris, France and was awarded by SUNUNET organization during their Home-coming 2015 in Dakar, SENEGAL.

This glamorous and stylish young Senegambian lady with imposing height is also a firmly convinced humanitarian who seeks to personally contribute to the education and providing opportunities and necessary skills for entrepreneurship, especially for girls, women in general. She believes that Africa should always shine under its young and brave generation which believe in itself, has self-esteem and no inferiority complex.

She is also the CEO of Dijibonket Foundation. Djibonkete is organization that helping women achieve their financial independence and orphans, school children in need as well as students, have access to educational resources in poor rural area. It provides financial, medical, supply, food, help, as well as education and training.

In 2016 – 2017, she established the Casa Film and Music Production Award and is the CEO of this organization. This association was established to empower the youths of the Senegambia region to be more creative in the movie industry. During the course of these years, youths were trained to become actors and actresses.

In 2017,  Casa Film and Music Production Award launched a movie entitled “Niema”. NIEMA is a movie inspired by a true story. It is a story of a young girl, Agnimbas, who has suffered child labor, underage abuses, teenage pregnancy, and housemaid work exploitation; she later dedicated her live fighting against the scourge of abuse and advising for a better treatment of housemaids and domestic workers.

In February 2018, African Community Achievement Award (ACAA) presented an award to me for my outstanding community and entrepreneur initiatives in Africa especially in the Senegambia region. This award ceremony is coordinated by AFRIFAMU.