Dr. Macaulay Kalu

Dr Macaulay Onyekachi Obasi Kalu


Dr Macaulay Onyekachi Obasi Kalu was born in Abia State, Nigeria, West Africa, and grew up in Europe. In his academic pursuit, Dr Kalu has several academic achievements and is also a recipient of numerous leadership awards. His first degree is in Business Management and has been a Minister of the Gospel for more than 20 years. He holds a doctorate in divinity.

Dr Kalu has facilitated the sixth region process of the African Union for more than 20 years. He is an elected policy advisor on Diaspora affairs for the Americas to the African Union Commission. He plays a significant role in both the political arena and civil service sector as the Chairman of the African Union Sixth Region Canada with the mandate to bring peace and unity to our community through the message of love. He’s a mastermind to many successful businesses and sits on several boards.

He is the proud father of five wonderful children (three amazing boys and two beautiful girls).

Highlights of his career include:

• A member of the Greek Sports Federation, chairing the African Athletic and Gymnastic Council.
• Appointed as the Secretary-General for the Council of International Churches in the Netherland.
• Known to be a Motivational Speaker, Conflict Resolution Expert, Lectures, Teaches and Preaches around the world.
• Community and Leadership Development Expert, Coaches and Mentors.
• President of Global Africa Media Magazine (GAMM)
• Advisor to the Toronto District School Board East Region.
• Founder/President of Parent Advocacy Consultancy Services Canada.
• CEO of G12 Group Inc., a leadership and business management firm in Canada. He is the President of Kingdom Leadership and Empowerment Ministries.
• International facilitator and the Chairman of the African Union 6th Region Canada, an organization representing all people of African Descent in Canada.

Dr Kalu’s passion is to see the Human Race, especially people of African Descent be united as One, first start loving themselves in order to be able to love each other. He is known wherever he goes as “The Most Handsome Man,” and “Doctor Love.” However, his most important role to date is as an Ambassador of the Gospel, obeying the command of his King and Lord, “to declare to you the whole counsel of God.