Elizabeth Pedro Omokhas

Reverend Elizabeth Pedro Omokhas

Award Recipient

Rev Elizabeth is of a great crusader who had become great through women empowerment around the globe. She is an ordained preacher with the passion to build the kingdom of God leading people to walk with the Lord by adopting the right theology. Rev Elizabeth is the Co-Founder of Great Shepherd Ministries (GSM )Edmonton. She is currently the Director of River International Christen College North West Edmonton.

A revolutionary to the very core of her heart she continues to fight relentlessly against the evil of the system against women in our society. Rev Liz is a distinguished nurse, a financial consultant, Gospel singer, a writer Par excellence, Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian and Philanthropist. 2008 till date, she has received several Certificates of recognition and awards.

She is presently involved in educating and raising awareness to women abuse in her community. Empowering women in Africa with solar kiosk which makes her the first woman to empower women with solar Kiosk in Nigeria through her organization Afani.

She is the president and founder of AGAPE for Christ Women Ministry Nigeria, Agape For All Nations Int’l (Afani ) Canada, Serenity Coaching/Counselling Services Ltd, and also the First African woman to be appointed as the Regional Director of Women Affairs Canadian Christian Ministry Alberta Region of Canada.

Rev Liz was recently appointed as the Director of School of Chaplain with Canadian Christian Ministry Chaplains Association.