Kai Zimmermann 3

After the construction of his first PV systems, he initiated the founding of Citizen energy cooperative Adersbach-Sinsheim-Kraichgau eG and lead the Cooperative as a volunteer at the Executive Board (2010 Р2017) as well as Member of the Supervisory Board from 2017. He always enjoy the grassroots orientation of the cooperative as an ideal form of participation of many citizens. Through this activity, he was able to expand his horizon and his knowledge in the areas of renewable Energy and integrate other aspects in the consideration. Through its extensive commitment and unreasonable use, the cooperative became a model of success for citizens and climate / environmental protection. 

Today, the cooperative has more than 200 members and generates more than 3.1 MW of clean energy per year with its partners. Especially the harmony of the three components of sustainability – economy, ecology and social have done to him. He wants prejudice against renewable energy reduce in technical and financial terms or clarify false allegations. In addition to his involvement in societal groups and the community, he also realizes in his own environment the energy turnaround and thus the climate and environmental protection. By building a house in which he generates more clean energy than he consumes himself and the implementation of other facilities, he is today with his family accounting climate-neutral and role model for many people. In addition, he regularly invites national and international guests to his hometown and his home to show you the opportunities and opportunities of a practical example – which is an extraordinary offer and has a great impact.