Apostle Dr. R Springett

Apostle Dr. R. Springett

Award Recipient

Dr. R. Springett is a Daddy to the nations. He is truly an inspiration to body of Christ and beyond; fathering more than 20 ministries and partnering with more than 50.
Dr. Springett has been a Christian leader for more than 25 years. The president of Rivers International Christian colleges.

In 1997, Dr. Springett started what was known as Freedom Bible College, which started with three enrollee . The college has since Grown from 1 campus to 35 campuses worldwide. As the President, Dr. Springett has lead numerous missions in Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

Dr Springett to date has wrote many best sellers including, What’s in hands, Breaking the spirits of poverty, wealth power success and vision is key ,other books such as power of focus faith, leadership Is key and believers on duty.

As a humanitarian Dr Springett has travelled on countless missions in many countries such as

A. Malawi, Africa: Purchased Land for a trade centre to strengthen the Malawi people and change a Generation.

B.  Cape Town, South Africa: Purchased land for a community centre for the training of young men and woman in skills and trade, sewing and carpentry.

C. Davo, Philippines: Purchased land for the development of young people in the community.

D. St Thomas, Jamaica: Purchased land for a recreation centre for the development of young Malea and female in the area of athletics.

E. Moscow, Russia: Set up a Christian centre to help the less fortunate in times of trouble, with emergency funding.

F. Purchase property in Alberta for Women abuse shelter.

Youth motivational speaker and community youth leader received the award in 2010 Toronto for youth Initiative leadership.

Dr Springett has mission over 200 children of what he supports through church partnerships. Dr Springett is a Husband, leader, teacher, author and preacher.