Reverend Blessing U. Ajayi

Reverend Blessing U. Ajayi

Award Recipient

Rev. Blessing Ajayi is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of Glorious Women of Wonders Worldwide, a registered charity organization in Canada and Africa.

She is a philanthropist, advocate and humanitarian ambassador, who has consistently served and supported the vulnerable population on a national and international level, for more than 10 years. Her goal is to help lives blossom ,feed the vulnerable in nations and win souls for kingdom of God .

She hosts various community programs including Senior Smile Care, Blessed Mission Foundation,Youth Empowerment for Greatness, Women’s Voices Talk Show, Family Enrichment, and Volunteer Networking Workshops.

She collaborates with other local organizations to organize food and cloth campaigns which are donated to local charity organizations like Knight Table, Salvation Army, Regeneration Services and Louise Outreach Centre.

Rev. Blessing is an active Canadian citizen and a Brampton resident who participates in various community empowerment activities including serving as Campaign volunteer; member, Mayor Patrick Brown Black African and Caribbean Advisory Council; Founding member, Immigrant Women in Business Toronto; Tea Party Forum for Pastors Wives and Women Ministers , Director for Missions at School of greatness and actor on the Invisible Women’s Documentary.

Rev. Blessing is an exceptional leader, a virtuous woman, a coach ,counselor, mentor, missionary and evangelist, who has traveled around the globe to conduct evangelistic revival meetings. Her compassion and act of goodwill for humanitarian purpose have changed many lives.

She is a mother of four and has been married to Mr. Abayomi Ajayi for over 22 years

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. Luke 10:27

Awards and Recognitions
1. 2019 Commitment and Dedication in Community Services and Program Initiatives Black History Award by Brampton City Mayor, Patrick Brown

2. 2019 Women’s Achievement Award by GTA Northwest Community Health Service Inc., Canada, on International Women’s Day

3. 2019 City of Brampton Citizen Award for 10 years of Longterm Community Service by the City of Brampton, Ontario, Canada

4. 2017 Mission and Leadership Award for Glorious Women of Wonders Excellence Achievement
5. 2011 Epitome of a Virtuous Woman Awards by Glorious Women of Wonders

1. The City of Brampton’s former Mayor, Ms. Susan Fennel
2. The City of Brampton’s former Mayor, Ms. Linda Jeffery,
3. The City of Brampton’s Mayor Patrick Brown.
4. Former Brampton West Member of Parliament- Mr. Kyle Seeback,
5. Brampton West Member of Parliament, Kamal Khera
6. City of Brampton Councilor, Doug Whilans

Sheridan College, Brampton; Social Service Work

Certificate in Fundraising Management (2017) Sheridan College, Brampton ONTARIO

Certificate in General Practice in Counselling by Christian Psychotherapist

Certified Chaplain by Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counsellors of America (2014-to date)

Bachelor in Christian Counselling from Canadian Christian Theological Seminary, Calgary, Canada (2014)

Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Finance (1999-2003) from Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Rivers State, Nigeria

National Diploma in Banking and Finance (1995-1997) from Rivers State Polytechnic, Rivers State, Nigeria
Member, Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellor Association