Clara Massaquoi

Clara Massaquoi

Vigor Awards 2020 Nominee

Clara Massaquoi is a mother, wife, entrepreneur and humanitarian. From Democratic Republic of Congo, Clara migrated to Zambia with her family where she attained much of her primary education prior to arriving in the United States of America. She continued and attained her secondary and undergraduate studies in the U.S attaining 2 degrees in Human Resource Management and a Minor in Business Administration. She is currently in pursuit of her 3rd degree.

Deeply sensitized with the plight of an enduring civil war in her native homeland Congo, she embarked on a heartfelt humanitarian mission, thus birthing the Clara Kalala Foundation (CKF) in 2006. The CKF is a registered non-for-profit in Connecticut as well as an operational arm in the Zambia. CKF over the years has been a bastion and beacon of hope and prosperity for many refugees and mainly children and infants orphaned by the civil conflict. Through many outreach programs and collaborations with NGOs and state officials, the CFK has donated thousands of funds and assistance to foster youth education, girl’s education, as well as micro-finance grants in underdeveloped rural areas.

Clara currently is Chief Executive Officer of Clare Golden LLC and Clara Organic Golden. Clare Golden LLC is a conglomerate operating out of New York and North Carolina specializing in enterprise Software and Cloud Development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment.

Lastly, her companies hold several trademarks and pending patents and is a licensed Walmart and Amazon vendor. One of her vegan base products, Clara’s Argan Golden is currently a five-star rated best seller in Walmart.