Dr. Aradhana Kumari

Dr. Aradhana Kumari

Vigor Awards 2020 Nominee

Amb. Dr Aradhana Kumari who is true Social Activist, Author, Corporate professional & Entrepreneur. She is working on Top Reasonability level world-wide as a President, Patron Member, Board Member, Chairman and Ambassador . She believes in respect of intrinsic human dignity and value. Along with her career, She is Journal Reviewer, Editor and Member of National and International Journal.

Her expertise has won several National and International awards. Accolades

  • Best Women Performer in Marketing and Branding 2020 by IIWA AWARD 2020
  • National Level Best Paper Award by IRDP 2020
  • Research excellence Award by Institute of Scholars (InSc) 2020
  • Humanitarian Excellence Awards 2020 by I Can Foundation
  • Legend of the world Award by Hope International World Record 2020
  • Excellence in Literary Award by WEAA
  • Super Women Achiever Award by ASIA ARAB SUMMIT 2019
  • Star International World Book Record 2020
  • Maharashtra Book Record 2020
  • International Peace Ambassador Award From ITMUT Brazil
  • Honorary Doctorate from ITMUT Brazil
  • Outstanding Research Scholar Award by Central of Education & Innovation Society of India 2019 and many more…

Her name is one of the top SEO Ranking in Google Being a best Social Worker world-wide, without any expectation she has work tremendous in CORONA PANDEMIC Her work proved to our society. She had help thousands of People alone since April to Till Date. Also, she worked for Rural Development, Agriculture Development, She gives Free training to our Farmer. She Supports Our Labour Rights , Human Rights, Women Empowerment & Triable Development, Children Rights. & Education etc..

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“Aradhana Kumari Social Worker “& “ Aradhana Kumari Social Activist “

Story Behind Start Working For Humanity: 

One day She was thinking about the life that everyone has right now. She has to offer herself, This thinking turned to social work. She has a trauma-informed approach to treatment that is holistic, compassionate, and understands how unique personal histories affect motivation in the process of change. Many of her students, teachers, and society have expressed an appreciation for her ability to make them feel welcome, heard, acknowledged, and above all respected as human beings.

She takes care of mental health problems along with people with a broad range of issues, including psychological, health, relationship, women empowerment, Tribal development, Farmer development, Agriculture, Labour rights and Child labour problems. Also, she takes care of Road Safety & Environment related issue.

Her Approach to Social Work:

  1. Utilize Positive Regard and Motivational Interviewing skills to build collaborative relationships
  2. Provide information, tools, feedback, and support to aid the student, society, women, and children in finding what works for
  3. Give equality respect for human dignity and value to
  4. Reinforce the student’s identification with the purpose, values, and ethics of the profession of social

Her Thoughts Towards Social Work 

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something for you.”

-Aradhana Kumari-


Contact: [email protected]

Web: www.aradhanakumari.com

Social Media link:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/writer_aradhana

Instagram: www.instagram.com/leader_aradhana/

Facebook :www.facebook.com/leaderdraradhana/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dr-aradhana-kumari-%E2%9C%94-948140bb/