Dr Nadine Wong

Dr Nadine Wong

Vigor Awards 2020 Humanitarian Award Nominee

Dr Nadine Wong is the founder of the Alabaster Gates Children’s Charity.

The Alabaster Gates Children’s Charity is a registered Canada charity that was established in 2013 with the vision to educate children beyond their limitations. 

The charity expands upon Pen Pal, an age communicable platform, complement with visual technology, and a curriculum program resulting in AGCC. The International Education Program.

The objective of the International Education Program is to liaise, children and their peers to intercommunicate on a global platform. The takeaway initiatives are, in spite of their unique cultures, languages, events, expression, the human race has more alikeness rather than indifference. The charity was founded out of compassion to better prepare the lease fortunate and the fortunate not to fear but anticipate the unknown as a new adventure.

Along with the educational platform, the charity also provides bursary, which honours the highest achievers, boy and girl and the most improved boys and girls at the school annual graduations.

There is no doubt the impact of the COVID19 pandemic has caused an unpredictable wave of change to the global nations.

The Alabaster Gates Children’s Charity program maintains the mandate to educate children beyond their limitations through a global connection in spite of the wave of change to the global nations.

The charity connects Canadian children with their peers in other parts of the global nation, such as the Caribbean, North America, Africa, to liaise on an academic curriculum that researchers on their cultural awareness, and cultural diversity.

The program objective is to foster and nurture children in becoming global future leaders, to develop fundamental interpersonal skills, and to have intergenerational characteristics traits as they represent themselves on the global nation platform. In these times of the pandemic,  children are encouraged to build greater connections and to share their experiences as to how the pandemic is impacting them as it gives them a chance to share experiences and reduce loneliness and isolation,  as they stay home to be safe.

The COVID19 has temporarily limited the momentum, but not deter the charity’s mandate initiative. Through technology, the charity will continue to make connections to be executed on a global scale.