Mrs Edna Lyatuu Hogan

Mrs Edna Lyatuu Hogan

Vigor Awards 2020 Leadership Award Nominee

Founder, CEO & President, The Tanzania Chamber of Commerce (EU)-Ireland

Edna was born and raised in Tanzania and grew up in the suburb of Dar Es Salaam city.


She joined School of Journalism and Mass Communication-University of Dar Es Salaam and graduated with a degree in Journalism with specialisation in Public Relations and Advertising.

After college; she got a job as a Public Relations Officer for an Irish NGO in Tanzania, followed by a stint as a radio broadcaster with the National Radio Tanzania English Service, and then later on with the TSN – Tanzania Standard Newspapers.

Career in Banking

(Investment & Retail) Edna moved to Ireland just over 10 years ago. She immediately got a job in the bank and shortly afterwards, the bank sponsored her to go for further studies where she did Financial Services and Management at UCD- University College Dublin. Her banking career took off and she eventually switched into Investment banking.

CEO-Irish International charity

She briefly took a break from banking and moved into the charity sector where she was appointed as the Founding CEO of an Irish International charity in Tanzania. Her top job meant a lot of travelling between New York, London, Dublin, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Banking Advisor – credit unions (vikoba)-Tanzania

After her tenure with the charity, she volunteered for credit Unions in Tanzania offering them some banking advice.


Back in Ireland, she turned her hand to entrepreneurship and started her first business She offers Temporary Admin support, Translation services in all major Languages, Event management, Proofreading and Content writing to SMEs, Academicians, students, NGOs, & Multinationals.

She went on to launch other businesses and formed partnerships with international businesses. She also recently set up The Tanzania Chamber of Commerce (EU)-Ireland Edna is the Founder and CEO of the Chamber.

Founder of jiFunze Education Programme. She established an Education programme called jiFunze Education Talks which has won awards and grants. Under this Programme, she educates the people of Ireland and especially the Youth on all aspects of life. Her Talks are very popular with Universities and Schools and she has started delivering them in Tanzanian schools too whenever she visits the country. Her jiFunze programme recently won an opportunity to feature on DCU University Intercultural Education in Ireland publication titled Beyond the single story. See sample jiFunze Talks @

Edna loves to write, the passion she developed while still in college when she wrote for the Daily News Paper- Tanzania’s National English News Paper. Whenever she writes a poem or a short story the images of the magnificent Kilimanjaro Mountain and its surrounding villages occupy her mind. Indeed this is where her imaginative writing comes from. Writing is what Edna does during her spare time. She also makes short documentaries for radio and Television. She has made documentaries for RTE Radio 1 (Irish National Radio) and has contributed hugely to the Media Industry in Tanzania.

Published Author

Poems for the Soul and the BOLD minds 
Tanzania, my majestic beauty! (Audio CD) 
The Bird That Sings My Name: Poems of The Heart (Hard copy and Audio CD) 
Poems for the Soul and the BOLD minds (Kindle) Poems 

Grants, Awards & Recognition

Nominee of APN 
Grant Recipient of jiFunze Education Programme for the Spark Change Challenge 
Grant recipient of the Intercultural Ireland