Gwyneth Herrera 3

Gwyneth Herrera

This young winner is a Canadian abstract artist she is considered as one of the youngest artists on canvas in the world and has been internationally recognized as a keynote speaker. At the age of 2, surprisingly she had developed her own unique style. By the age of 3 she had created 20 professional sized paintings. Now she is ten years old, and in spite of her tender age she has captured the attention of many people around the globe for her honest philanthropy heart, spending hours of encouraging speeches of love, empowerment and perseverance during difficult times, she travelled to Latin America giving motivational speeches mostly for charitable purposes.

Amazingly at her tender age, she has won numerous accolades including: the “Young Visionary of the Year” award by THCC In 2017 she was the recipient of the “Student of the Year Under 16 Years Old” by Brilliant Minded Women and she was chosen to become a keynote at the gala ceremony. March 19, 2012, she was featured on Making the Difference presented by Susan Hay, Global News, donating two of her favourite paintings: Ocean and Rain to Ronald McDonald House Toronto, provide families of sick children with a home to stay at while their children is being treated at a nearby hospital. In 2016 The International Center of Gifted Children selected a painting of her’s to be featured at the International Day of Gifted Child Germany, 2016. She is an inspirational example of making the difference through her many gifts and talents.

~ Gwyneth Herrera Achievement Award Winner 2018