Jayden Perez 3

Jayden Perez

Since the Hurricane Maria hit hard in Puerto Rico in September 2017, this 9 years old has been involved with volunteering in sending food and supplies to the people in Puerto Rico. This is out of pocket money from his allowance and the help of his parents, over $850 has been spent for the food and supplies and also for shipping. Jayden purchased food and supplies from Walmart and Costco. At the end of November 2018 Jayden Perez wanted to donate his Christmas toys to the children in Puerto Rico. With the help of his mother, he successfully conducted a toy drive in his home and collected as many toys as possible. He collected over 1,100 toys within a month and a half. Jayden also collected $10,000 in a Go Fund Me Account to help ship the toys to Puerto Rico and to provide many families and churches with funds to help them buy everyday necessities.

In January 2018 he travelled to Puerto Rico with his parents and personally handed out the 1,100 toys to children all over Puerto Rico. He even visited orphanages and handed out funds to help many families, even a church, to help buy a new roof. When he came back, he was affected by so many animals being abandoned and not having food to eat so in March 2018 he donated all his birthday money to buy the abandon animals in Puerto Rico Food. He went to Shoprite and Petco and bought over 4 boxes of food for the animals. He also bought supplies like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, lotions, can food, wipes, water, etc. to send to families. He will continue to help Puerto Rico in any way he can. His next mission is to buy many lanterns for the families in Puerto Rico because after 8 months, many still have no power nor light. He has impacted many lives in Puerto Rico and has donated his time to send food to the needy.

~ Jayden Perez Volunteer Award Winner