Niran Jeyanesan 3

Niran Jeyanesan

Constable Niran Jeyanesan has been with the Toronto Police Service for the past 3 years and has worked in Law Enforcement for over 10 years. He works in Northwest Toronto in the Jane-Finch neighbourhood. He immigrated to Canada from island of Sri Lanka in 2001 and obtained his education at Mohawk College, Brantford, ON. In 2013, he was the recipient of the Community Service Award. On August 6th,2017 Officer Jeyanesan and his partner responded to a shoplifting call at the Walmart in the area of Jane-Wilson. An 18 year old young man was placed in custody by Walmart security. A white shirt, tie and a pair of socks were the items that were taken. Since these were unusual items for shoplifting, the officers decided to learn more of the situation. 

¬†After speaking to this individual they found out that he had an upcoming job interview. Out of dire need and lack of resources this young person opted to steal the clothing. Prior to the party being transferred to the station in relation to these charges Officer Jeyanesan decided to purchased these items for him without the young man’s knowledge.

While at the station it was further revealed that this 18 year old was going through some hard times in life. His father had fallen ill and lost his job and their house. The burden of providing for his family rested upon him. This young man had made an effort towards earning a living and providing for his family by securing an interview in the service industry. However, he didn’t have suitable clothing or the means to obtain them. This young man was looking for a second chance in his life by securing a job, however truly made a mistake of going about it the wrong way. Officer Jeyanesan and the investigators collectively decided not to lay criminal charges against this individual and to release him unconditionally. At the time of release, this young man was presented with the shirt and tie so that he could attend the scheduled job interview the next day.

This young person now has a job.