Pascal Atuma

Pascal Atuma

Humanitarian Award Recipient

Pascal Atuma is a multiple award winning Canadian/Nigerian Filmmaker and Actor. As a child he grew up around the hospital environment as his mom was a midwife/nurse, so he grew up witnessing the mom take food from the house to feed pregnant women and those who delivered new babies and their families were not around, so giving became a part of him. Many years later, even after the mom was gone, he continued the tradition with his brothers and sisters to maintain mom and dads legacy. Every-year they feed the homeless, the widows and take care of the less privileged school children in their community. 

Pascal will take his humanitarian service to another level. He wanted to do more, he wanted to touch more lives, he started with a poor waitress in Enugu who today holds a degree in statistics to a camera assistant he met on a set who is today a Jos Film School graduate. As we stand today Pascal is single handedly training six people in high school and universities across Nigeria and non is a relative or from his home state of Abia. 

His most significant philanthropic work will be discovering two young men(Amani Boss & AOD) from Oturkpo , Benue State last two years and changing their lives forever. He discovered them and moved them to Lagos, training them in school and building careers for them in music. Also because of the boys, last year he launched a record label for the less privileged but very talented in Africa called Tabic Records. The record label is strictly a social/impact enterprise to help and give platform to the poor and less privileged to achieve their dreams and goals.

In January of this year, Pascal rescued a young Hausa girl who was hawking on the beach in Lagos and changed her life. Today Salamatu is a full time student in a private school in Lagos. His humanitarian work has no boundaries in terms of tribe, religion , race or geographical location, he said “I will keep helping people as long as I am breathing because it is the best life to live and it is what soothes my soul, and also what pleases God.