Tinesha Cherry 3

Tinesha Cherry

Tinesha Cherry’s mother was a heroin addict thus, she was born with heroin in her system. She doesn’t know who her father is and she has been subjected to physical, mental and emotional abuse and molestation, she grew up in extreme poverty, and has endured multiple foster care homes/families she is a product of the adoption system.When the world told her that she would be lazy, lack focus, unmotivated, not dedicated and uneducated, she chose to fight back to break the chain of poverty, self-pity, doubt, hopelessness and helplessness. When the world set low expectations FOR her and even lower expectations OF her, she chose to stand when it would have been easier to stay down on her knees. She chose to Win despite being born to Lose.

Today, she is a wife, mother, author, poet, motivational speaker, leadership trainer, life coach, entrepreneur, volunteer and federal law enforcement officer, where she currently serves as a fifth level manager responsible for both local and national programs within her organization.

Today, she is a premier keynote speaker and leading authority on achievement. She has been involved in mentoring, leading, empowering and influencing audiences for more than 21 years. For more than two decades, she has used a combination of motivational speaking, skillful poetry and compelling storytelling to deliver a message of hope and inspiration to teach others how to rise above adversity. She has been able to translate her experiences into hard hitting coaching that has helped audiences achieve their best personal, professional and educational dreams.